Database Management Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Easy maintenance of Database through Backup (Taking a backup of the existing database), Restoring (restoring the old database to the current one to referrer old details), Clearing the Old Transactions, Closed Purchase orders. Importing and exporting the data from and to MARC 21 format using MARC tags, to facilitate transfer of data between networked libraries.        Radio Frequency Identification is the technology that has revolutionized the way identification and tracking of items is carried out. It's key features are - Contact less, works on Non-line of sight, Acts as a data carrier, Simultaneous Identification of tags, Reusable, Fast transaction, high security for materials.
Administrator Documentation  
Creating users (For E.g. Transaction, OPAC, Reports, Masters, Librarian, etc.) with access to specific modules or sub menu along with password and expiry date. There is no upper limit and any number of users can be created. Spelling correction of mater material entry by Find and Replacement (Bulk), Log maintenance , etc. can be done.  Report generation on material availability, circulation statistics, New Arrivals, periodicals not received, dailies not received, budget analysis, expenditure analysis etc. for selected fields in the selected format as Excel Sheet. Generation of no due certificates, Reminders for overdue material, Fine collections. Reminder to members and vendors through E-mail, SDI(Selective Dissemination of Information), CAS(Current Awareness Services), Generating bar code enabled ID cards with photo identity and bar code slips for materials. Report generation is flexible and only the fields selected by the user will appear in the report according to the criteria set by the user and in the sort order set by the user. The user can beautify these reports before printing in the hard form. 
Purchase requisition, On line approval, Purchase order generation for regular items (Books, CDs etc.) and Subscribed items (serials). Purchase orders, Renewals can be sent through E-mail to the vendors. Updating the purchase request status.   
User defined material categories (viz. Books, Journals, DVDs etc.), simplified material master entry for all kinds of materials including Books, Non-Books, Digital Library (any kind of (downloaded)file or collection of files can be catalogued from anywhere in the network and retrieved through OPAC), Virtual Library (Web address of articles, sites, e-journals, etc. can be catalogued and retrieved through OPAC) etc., Multiple copies entry, User defined member categories (To fixing the due days with material category wise, fine amount, SDI Access etc., for different member categories like Students, Librarians, HOD, Professor etc.), Member registration with photo identification, Vendor registration, Budget Master (For allocating budget amount to different departments), Currency value updation, User defined calender with Holiday list generation. All master entries/modifications/deletions information will be maintained in a Log file with user name and time of operation for administrator reference. Library news can be entered here, which will be displayed in OPAC with Library Collections.
Journals Statistics  
Simplified Journal entries with a master, transaction and Journal auto issues generation. Detailed Article indexing, Reports on Journal data, journals bindings, Missing issues and Journal circulation report.   Search for Materials(Books, CDs, Journals, etc), Members, Vendors, Purchase orders, Transactions, Reservations, Budget Analysis, etc., The search can be performed for selected fields and the results can be saved in the Excel Sheet.  
Transaction Search
Bar-code enabled circulation (Issue, Return, Bulk Issue, Bulk Returns, Renewal, Reservation and ILL(Inter Library Loan) for all kinds of materials. Maintaining the details of the material which has been Issued, Returned, Reserved, Cancellation of existing reservation and sent for binding.  Graphical representation of reports of Materials in Demand, Circulation statistics, best readers, Stock status, Vendor Rating, expenditure analysis, The graphs has been generated as Bar chart or Pie chart or Line chart initially and can be shown in Ascending or Descending order the way user prefers. The graphs can edited and beautified directly by the user before printing in the hard form.
  Bar-Coding   OPAC
Generate ID cards for members with bar-code(Member ID) and Photograph (Optional) and Accession number labels with bar-code(Accession number) along with Classification number and Organisation/Institution name and logo in each label Online Public Access Cateloguing Search for Books, Journals, CDs, etc., Web Search(connecting to Library Of Congress), Reservation of Items, Material List(Unique Titles), Purchase Requisitions, etc., Digital Library files can be directly viewed from any node on Read only mode. Virtual Library Collections(Articles/Sites) can be directly viewed from any node provide Internet facility is extended to that node.
Online Help for Libsoft operating procedure. Detailed steps for each operation can be availed by pressing Help key F1.

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